Software Engineer, Robotics

Huntsville, AL

Yard Robotics is building a white glove, all-inclusive lawn service for households.

We mow, fertilize, and control weeds for our customers. We do it using our custom built robots. You will be joining our founding engineering team.

About you
  • Ambitious, curious, able and excited to work in an early stage company
  • Not afraid to learn, and step outside your comfort zone
  • 2+ years of programming experience in Python and/or Node
  • Understand networking — sockets, TCP/UDP servers and clients
  • Have experience with cloud services from AWS or GCP
Things you will be doing and learning
  • Developing the planning, perception, localization & mapping, and controls as well as the backend for the bot operations using the ROS framework
  • Run simulations on hypothetical yards, to review and improve the route planner's performance
  • Improve our lidar and camera based mapping and localization stack
  • Use tools like Foxglove Studio to diagnose and develop bot software
  • Collaborate with and help design the new versions of the bots
  • Review and improve our GNSS performance
  • Understand and improve the interface to electronic speed controls (ESC) that power our motors
  • Travel to customers’ yards and monitor bots in action

Nice to have, but not required
  • Understanding of robotics architecture
  • Experience with the ROS framework
  • Understand Docker, and CI/CD systems
  • C/C++ experience

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